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What’s Noospher?

Noospher let's you launch online suggestion boxes and
suggest your ideas for free. It's that easy!

Towns love it, companies can no longer do without it.
Finally a suggestion box for our modern times!

Smart suggestion boxes!

The coolest thing? These boxes are not ordinary boxes...

They are smart suggestion boxes that can bring out
the best ideas spontaneously!

Your creativity rewarded

Suggestion boxes have given employees the opportunity to be involved in the success of their business. In exchange for their ideas, they could receive consideration.

On Noospher, the owner of a box may still, if he wishes, reward those who contribute to the improvement of its organization.

Anywhere, anytime...

Your suggestion box is available on and
accessible from your deskop and soon tablet and mobile.

You can also install your suggestion box directly
on your website thanks to our widget (Learn more).

They talk about us

« Noospher gives a facelift to the ancestral suggestion box »
« An idea that could enter our daily life »
« Very easy to use »